International Championship

of the Polish Optimist Dinghy Association 2018


14th to 16th September 2018
Starting at 11am

Start - 20th April 2018


The International PSKO Championship
is one of the most import Optimist sailing events in Poland and Europe.

Thanks to its unfaltering reputation it has been attracting large numbers of both domestic and foreign competitors over the past years. As the Optimist is the most popular sailing dinghy in the world, the regatta draws the widespread attention of the media and sailing community. The Dziwnów Marina is the regatta’s main base. The space has proven ideal for such events. It was the heart of both the 2014 Laser Radial World Championship, as well as the 2015 Optimist World Championship.

Tomasz Figlerowicz

President of the Polish Optimist Dinghy Association


A detailed schedule will be announced at a later date.


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The event quota is 320 competitors (min. 150 from Poland).

Competitors shall enter by completing the on-line entry form on the websites
Each participating crew shall present the following documents at registration:

entry fee payment confirmation,

a valid insurance certificate showing proof of third-party liability coverage of at least €1.500.000 (or equivalent) per incident,

a valid measurement certificate.

The regatta is open to boats of Optimist Dinghy Class.
The event quota is 320 competitors (min. 150 from Poland). First come first served basis.

Registration form (entry is closed)

Start list

40 EUR

To 03/09/2018

Entry fee for foreign competitors completing on-line no later than on 03/09/2018.

60 EUR

Late 03/09/2018

For competitors who enter past this date the entry fee will be 45 euro.

Location and Venue

area full of great hotels and restaurants.

The regatta will be at Marina Dziwnow. The racing area will be on the waters of Zatoka Pomorska of the Baltic Sea. Reserve racing area will be on the waters of Zalew Kamienski.


Marina Dziwnow

Dziwnów, ul. S. Żeromskiego 30,

Phone: +48 91 38 11 235; mobile: 501 958 836

GPS: 54°01’34’’N, 14°46’03’’E

Municipality of Dziwnów for tourist, sailor, sportsman (pdf)



Arkadiusz Lenkowski phone +48 605 332 155, e-mail: